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Breast Lift Surgery in Miami, FL with Dr. Tal Roudner – Breast Lift (Mastopexy)


Breast Lift Surgery in Miami by Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Tal Roudner

Breast Lift Surgery in Miami

Choosing an experienced plastic surgeon to perform your breast lift procedure is particularly important to ensure that you attain your desired results. Dr. Tal Roudner in Miami, a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, is a specialist in the field of breast lift surgery (mastopexy) as well as breast lift surgery with implants.

Breast lift surgery, also known as Mastopexy is a surgical procedure performed to improve the appearance of sagging (ptotic) breasts.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, in their cosmetic national data bank statistic reports of 2014, breast lift (Mastopexy) was performed in 92,724 patients that year. That is a 75% increase compared to the year 2000.

Dr. Roudner’s surgical goal is to revive the youthful appearance of the breast by restoring the shape, fullness and projection of the breast while minimizing visible scars.

Dr. Roudner may perform a series of different procedures while lifting the breast, such as: repositioning the breast tissues, removing excess skin and soft tissue as well as repositioning the areola and nipple. By doing so an improved body contours and a revitalized breast appearance is achieved. Dr. Roudner may perform the breast lift surgery alone, or in combination with a breast augmentation procedure.

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