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Mommy Makeover Miami


Mommy Makeover surgery by Miami Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Tal Roudner

Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Tal Roudner has extensive skill and experience performing the three procedures that typically make up the mommy makeover. In fact, he co-wrote the chapters on breast augmentation and breast lifts for a textbook that is currently used to train new plastic surgeons. When you call our Miami office, let us know that you are interested in having a consultation with Dr. Roudner here at our Miami office to discuss a mommy makeover.

Mommy Makeover surgery by Miami Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Tal RoudnerWhen you arrive at our Miami office for your mommy makeover consultation, you will meet with Dr. Tal Roudner to discuss the benefits and risks of the surgical procedures involved in the mommy makeover and decide which ones are right for you. Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Tal Roudner is reviewed by patients as being caring, compassionate and easy to talk to. You will feel comfortable and confident speaking with him and making these important decisions about your body and your well-being.

Want to talk with Dr. Tal about your mommy makeover surgery? Then simply call our Miami office at (305) 443-3531 or request a consultation.



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Is a Mommy Makeover in Miami Right for You?

Mommy Makeover Miami

Mommy Makeover Miami

The best candidates for a mommy makeover are women who do not plan to have any more children and would like to improve the “problem areas” that exercise, healthy diet and active lifestyle are not able to address.

Following childbirth, many women are troubled by breasts that appear deflated or sagging, loose and stretched abdominal skin, lax abdominal muscles with a protruding abdomen and fat deposits in areas such as the hips, abdomen and thighs . While some mommy makeover procedures include a breast lift (Mastopexy), breast augmentation (Augmentation Mammaplasty), tummy tuck (Abdominoplasty), liposuction (Liposculpture) or other body contouring procedures. Most mommy makeovers will only involve a few of the procedures depending on their individual needs.

Are you ready for a Mommy Makeover?

After giving birth, many women are uncomfortable with the new appearance of their bodies and choose to get a combination of procedures such as a breast lift, breast augmentation and tummy tuck to fix their problem areas. This process has come to be known as a mommy makeover.

Scheduling Your Mommy Makeover

Mommy Makeover Surgery Miami

Mommy Makeover Surgery in Miami, FL

If you decide that a mommy makeover is right for you, we will schedule you for your surgery. You and Dr. Roudner will work together to determine if multiple procedures or a single procedure is advised. In some cases, it may be better to perform the surgeries at the same time. However, to make your recovery easier, it may be preferable to opt to have your breast surgery and your tummy surgery performed separately to allow healing in between each procedure.

Your surgeries may be performed here at our Miami surgical suite conveniently located within our Miami offices, or they may be performed at a local Miami hospital. Dr. Roudner will work with you to make this decision based on your own unique needs.

Following Your Mommy Makeover Surgeries

After your mommy makeover surgeries at our Miami office, you should carefully follow Miami surgeon Dr. Roudner’s post-op instructions to ensure the best outcome and healing. Keep your follow-up appointments at our Miami office so Dr. Roudner can check on your progress and help you avoid any possible complications.

Do not return to your regular level of activity until Dr. Roudner gives you the go-ahead. Your healing time will depend greatly on the procedure you had done as well as your age and level of health.

To schedule your mommy makeover consultation with Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Tal Roudner, please call our Miami office today at (305) 443-3531.




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