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Mole Removal by Miami surgeon Dr. Tal Roudner

Mole removal at our Miami surgical center

Moles, or nevi, are removed for a variety of reasons (cosmetic, cancer potential etc.). They are typically removed surgically by excision with closure or cauterization or by shave method. Rarely they maybe treated by laser.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, in their cosmetic national data bank statistic reports of 2010, tumor removal (including skin cancer)procedures were performed in 4,042,955 patients that year. That is a 2% increase from 2009.

Dr. Roudner’s surgical goal is to remove the nevi completely if possible in the safest and most aesthetically pleasing manor, as well as obtaining a tissue diagnosis to ensure complete removal and benign nature of the mole while minimizing visible scars.

Dr. Roudner may perform a shave biopsy for minor nevi or when in an aesthetically difficult area to excises or he may perform complete excision when aesthetically pleasing or in need for definite tissue diagnosis.

Call (305) 443-3531 today to schedule your consultation with Dr. Roudner at our Miami clinic. We look forward to speaking with you.


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To schedule a consultation with Dr. Roudner to discuss your mole removal procedure, please call our Miami office at 305-443-3531.



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