Arm Lift

Arm lift surgery is also known as Brachioplasty is a surgical procedure designed to remove excess loose skin and fat deposits in the upper arm.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, in their cosmetic national data bank statistic reports of 2013, arm lift surgery (brachioplasty) was performed in 15,769 patients that year. That is a 2% increase from 2012 and a 4,565% increase from 2000.

Dr. Roudner’s surgical goal is to re-create a youthful appearance to the upper arm by removing and tightening the excess loose upper arm skin as well as removing excess fat deposits while counseling and minimizing scars.
Dr. Roudner may limit the incisions to the armpit area, counseling the scars, when treating minimal skin and fat excess or use a more extensive approach when attempting to contour extensive skin laxity and large fat deposits that are present in the massive weight loss and older population.

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Prepping for Arm Lift Surgery at our Miami office

Patients undergoing brachioplasty procedure/arm lift are seen in the office at time of consultation and two weeks prior to surgery for pre-op. At the pre-operative appointment necessary blood work and other test are performed, consents are reviewed and signed and medical clearance is obtained as necessary. Pre-op photos are taken. Patients that smoke are required to stop smoking 4 weeks before the procedure and for 3 weeks after the surgery. It is important to inform Dr. Roudner if you smoke at the initial consultation.

Medications (aspirin, ibuprofen, etc) supplements and herbs can cause bleeding problems during the arm lift surgery and post surgery. Therefore a list of any medication, supplements or herbs that should not be taken a few weeks before the procedure is given at the time of the consultation.

On the day of surgery the patient should wear loose-fitting clothes that open in the front and comfortable flat shoes that are easy to put on.

Prior to Arm Lift Surgery

Prior to the arm lift surgery it is important to eat a healthy diet and avoid drinking alcohol a few days prior to the procedure. Exercise and being in good shape prior to surgery is generally good for the patient’s overall health and a speedy recovery; however, day prior to the brachioplasty procedure patient’s should avoid strenuous exercise.

Patient’s should not eat or drink anything, including water, after midnight the night before surgery. The patient’s should shower the night prior to the surgery and wash the surgical site with antimicrobial soap. After the shower the patient’s should avoid wearing any products such as: oils, creams, makeup, moisturizers, or lotions — including deodorant.

Removing any nail polish from at least one fingernail and toenail will be helpful for the anesthesia person in order to monitor the blood circulation during the procedure using a pulse-oxy-meter.

Following your Arm Lift surgery

The morning of the arm lift surgery the patient’s may brush their teeth, but should not swallow more than a sip of water. If instructed by the primer care physician, patient’s may take any needed prescribed medication with sipping a minimal amount of water.

Preparations needed for your surgery

Arrangements for transportation of the patient to and from the procedure as well as a someone to stay with the patient for the first 24 hours after surgery should be made in advance.

Care for small children, should be arranged prior to the surgery as well as preparation of extra food and drinks. Responsibilities at home and at work should be taken care of prior to surgery in order to have worry-free and relaxing recover.

Prescription medications maybe filled at the time of surgery by the person accompanying the patient to surgery or a in advance prior to the day of the arm lift surgery.

What to expect from Arm Lift Surgery

The preparation for arm lift surgery is quite similar to other elective surgical procedures. The procedure is commonly performed after significant weight loss. If the patient has undergone weight loss surgery a documented 6 months of stable weight is necessary prior to performing any type of arm lift surgery. In addition specific lab work will be needed to ensure adequate nutritional parameters to ensure adequate wound healing after the arm lift surgery.

The surgery is performed in the surgical suite at the surgical center or at the hospital if needed due to patient’s medical history. The patient is recovered in the post anesthesia care unit and is discharged home the same day unless it is necessary to keep the patient over night (rare).

The first few days after surgery are usually the most difficult ones with some pain and discomfort. By the third day most patients have a significant improvement. On the third day Dr. Roudner will examine the patient at the office to ensure that the breast are healing properly and that the breast is soft and the pockets are open. Follow up visits are at one week, ten days, two weeks, six weeks and three months and one year. Most of the swelling is gone by six weeks and the final results are seen at six months to one year.

Anesthesia for Arm Lift Surgery

The procedure maybe performed under twilight sedation (person is sedated but not unconscious) with local anesthesia or it maybe performed under general anesthesia.

Length of time for Arm Lift Surgery

The arm lift procedure should take between an hour to two hours depending on the complexity of the case the surgeon and technique used.

Post Surgery – Arm Lift Surgery

At the conclusion of the surgery dressings are applied to the incisions and the arms may be wrapped with an elastic bandage or a compression garment to reduce swelling. A drain maybe temporarily placed under the skin for a few days to drain any excess blood or fluid that and prevent a post surgical fluid or blood collection. Instructions to keep the arms elevated above heart level and on a few pillows at night time as needed. The patients are seen in the office and follow a protocol given at the time of pre-operative visit. The doctor and the nurses review the instructions with the patients as recovery progresses. The post-operative instructions are to avoid sun exposure for a minimum of 6 weeks but ideally a 6 months period. Swelling subsides over a period of six moths to a year but significant reduction of swelling is noticed by six weeks. Scar treatment ointments are recommended to improve the quality of the scars.

Recovery time needed after Arm Lift Surgery

Patient undergoing an arm lift procedure will require a week of rest and no heavy lifting for 2 to 3 weeks. Gradual activity may progress over 3 to 6 weeks after surgery and full activity resumed at 6 weeks.

Additional info regarding Arm Lift Surgery

Any surgery has risk and possible complications. Serious complications after arm lift surgery are rare, but may include: Post- surgical bleeding (hematoma), infection, seroma (fluid accumulation), injury to nerves, blood vessels, muscles, persistent pain and anesthesia risks (cardiac-pulmonary complications). Other less sever complications: Asymmetry, unfavorable scarring, skin loss, blood clots (deep vein thrombosis), poor wound healing, pigmentary changes, numbness, wound break down, prolonged swelling, fat necrosis extruding sutures and need for revision surgery.

What is Arm Lift Surgery (Brachioplaty) ?

Arm lift also known as brachioplasty is a surgical procedure performed to correct the sagging and laxity of the upper arms skin and soft tissues. Brachioplasty eliminates the excess skin and fat from the underarm and the elbow creating a younger toned appearing arm with smoother skin and contours. It maybe performed alone or in combination with Liposuction a procedure that suctions out fat from beneath the skin to reduce fullness.

Incisions – Arm Lift Surgery

The placement and length of the incisions depends on the amount and location of the excess skin to be removed. In general the incisions are placed in the inner arm and may extend into the armpit (axilla) to just above to the elbow. Fat may be excised or removed by liposuction. According to specific anatomical presentation incisions may be more limited. The incision is closed with deep sutures to the underlying supportive tissue tightening and reshaping the arm.

Inner Arm Incision

Minimal (axillary) Incision

Reasons for Arm Lift Surgery

To improve the appearance of large, lax and sagging upper arms by improving the arms contour and shape, those improving your self esteem and confidence, reducing self consciousness about wearing clothing that may expose your upper arms.

What can Arm Lift Surgery do for me?

Improve the shape, contour and laxity of your arms giving a tighter and smoother contour to the upper arm with the results that almost instantaneous. Although the brachioplasty results are apparent almost immediately following your procedure, although initial results will be somewhat obscured by swelling and bruising. The new toned and shapely arms should improve your feelings and appearance.

What anesthesia is recommended for Arm Lift Surgery?

The procedure maybe performed under twilight sedation (person is sedated but not unconscious) with local anesthesia or it maybe performed under general anesthesia.

Who is a good candidate for Arm Lift Surgery?

Any healthy adult who does not have medical problems that may impair wound or increased risk of surgery, with significant upper arm skin laxity and excess fat after weight loss or mildly over weight but has had a relatively stable weight for at least six months. The patients have to be non smokers. The patient should have the knowledge of the predominant scars the surgery may create and have realistic expectations about the results.

How long will I need to recover from Arm Lift Surgery?

The recovery period will include 5 days of rest after which you could drive. Return to work after one week for desk job and longer for more physical jobs. The first two weeks require arm elevation and restricted arm motion. At 4 weeks gradual return to physical activities such as working out at the gym. At 6 weeks return to normal activity. It takes a full 6 to 12 months for the final permanent results. The majority of the swelling resolves by 6 weeks.

Is the recovery process painful after Arm Lift Surgery?

The armlift procedure involves minimal discomfort that maybe managed with pain medications for the first few days after the procedure.