Chin Augmentation

Chin Augmentation & Implants Surgery (Mentoplasty) in Miami by Dr. Tal Roudner

Chin Augmentation & Implants Surgery (Mentoplasty) in Miami by Dr. Tal Roudner

Chin augmentation surgery using surgical implants alters the underlying structure of the face, providing better balance to the facial features.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, in their cosmetic national data bank statistic reports of 2014, Chin augmentation (Mentoplasty) was performed in 18,136 patients that year. That is a 5% decrease from 2013 and a 33% decrease from 2000.

Dr. Roudner’s goal via Chin Implants & Augmentation

Dr. Roudner’s goal is to augment the chin in a fashion that would improve the overall aesthetic appearance of the face by creating a harmonious balance of the facial proportions.

Dr. roudner places an anatomical silicone implant over the chin bone (menton) to correct the deficient height and/or projection. The surgery may be combined with a rhinoplasty or facelift procedure to obtain a more complete balance of the facial proportions.

Chin augmentation is a popular procedure due to the fact that it is a relatively uncomplicated operation for the patient while producing noticeable changes in the silhouette of the face.The implant facilitates the correction of the facial profile.

Chin augmentation may be achieved by manipulation of the jaw bone (mandibular bone) but is a much more extensive and complicated surgery, although augmentation utilizing this technique usually provides a more dramatic correction than with the use of prosthetic implants.

Chin Implants Overview

Patients who want to change the size and shape of their chin frequently opt for chin implants. These implants can be used to improve the way the jaw line and chin look.

Chin Implant Surgery in Miami

Dr. Tal Roudner performs chin implant surgery at his state of the art plastic surgery office in Miami.
The goal of this procedure is to enhance, restructure or rejuvenate the contours of the face. These implants are available in various styles and sizes. During a chin implant surgery in Miami, Dr. Roudner uses pre-formed silicone chin implants to change the way the chin looks. Once the chin is improved, the overall facial appearance improves as well.

Why Patients Choose to Have Chin Implants in Miami

Individuals who have a weak, receding chin may want a chin that projects out further. They can improve their jaw line by having Dr. Roudner place one of the silicone chin implants he offers at his Miami office. Dr. Roudner frequently uses chin implants to correct a weak chin. These implants benefit the proportion of the jaw and lower face; thus, improving the way the nose and cheeks look as well.

Many of Dr. Roudner’s patients combine their chin implant procedure with some of the other cosmetic procedures offered at his Miami office. These procedures frequently include dermal fillers, Botox Cosmetic, rhinoplasty, a facelift, fat removal from the neck and chin, as well as cheek implants.

Before Your Chin Implant Surgery in Miami

Some medications, vitamins and supplements are known to cause excessive bleeding. For this reason, you may need to discontinue taking certain medications, vitamins and supplements you need to discontinue until after your procedure.

Smoking inhibits the ability of your body to heal itself. Anyone who smokes needs to stop smoking for at least 4 weeks before and 3 weeks after his/her chin implant procedure. This includes second-hand smoke

You will need a ride home following your chin implant procedure. Ask a trusted friend or family member to accompany you to your procedure in Miami.

-What to Remember On the Day of Your Chin Implant Surgery in Miami
-Be sure to bring your driver with you on the day of surgery.
-Leave your valuables at home (e.g., jewelry, watches and money).
-Wear comfortable clothing.

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Chin Implant Surgery in Miami

Chin implant surgery is a relatively short procedure generally only taking about half an hour to an hour to complete. If a patient chooses to have multiple procedures during his/her procedure, the surgery time varies accordingly. Dr. Roudner’s patients are given a local anesthetic prior to the start of their surgery.

Dr. Roudner will either make a small incision along the crease beneath the chin or inside the lower lip. This incision is used to place the implant. Dr. Roudner makes the incision along this crease to ensure that any scarring is well hidden. Incisions made on the inside of the lower lip do not leave visible scars.

After Your Chin Implant Surgery in Miami

On average, it takes approximately two weeks to 4 weeks for a patient to completely recover from the chin implant procedure. Initially, you should expect some inflammation and/or bruising; however, these resolve during the next four weeks. You may experience some discomfort following your chin implant procedure; however, this discomfort is usually minimal.

If necessary, Dr. Roudner will prescribe pain medication so that you are comfortable while you recover. Directly following your chin implant surgery, you may want to avoid foods that require an excessive amount of chewing (e.g., steak, nuts, hard candy and gum). You should be ready to return to your normal work/school schedule within three to five days.

If you live near Miami and you would like to learn more about chin implants, or any other cosmetic procedure that Dr. Roudner offers, contact his Miami office today.

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