Does Cold Weather Affect My Breast Implants?

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Does Cold Weather Affect My Breast Implants?

Does Cold Weather Affect My Breast Implants?

A breast implant can consist of saline (salt water) or silicone gel; both of which are encompassed by an envelope made of silicone. Some women express concern about how cold weather might affect their breast implants. Some women worry that if they spend a substantial amount of time participating in outdoor activities during the winter months their silicone or saline breast implants might freeze. The good news is that this is a myth; no matter which type of breast implant a woman chooses, she can spend time skiing, sledding and ice-skating without any concerns about her breast implants freezing.


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Freezing Temperatures Vary: Salt Water (Saline) vs. Pure Water

Salt water has a lower freezing temperature than pure water does. Pure water freezes at 32 degrees Fahrenheit (°F)/0 degrees Celsius (°C).

A saline breast implant consists of salt water. The salt water in the ocean freezes at 28 or 29°F/-2 or -1.7°C; therefore, a saline breast implant outside of the body would also freeze at these temperatures.

The Core Body Temperature Keeps an Already Placed Saline Breast Implant Warm

Although a saline breast implant that is outside of the body will freeze at around 28°F/-2°C, the body’s core temperature keeps an already placed saline breast implant warm. It will not freeze unless the individual’s body temperature drops below freezing. If the body’s core temperature decreases from 98.6°F/37°C to 28 or 29°F/-2 or -1.7°C, the individual will die.

Silicone Gel Breast Implants Never Freeze

Silicone gel breast implants are already solid; therefore, they will not freeze even if they are left in freezing temperatures outside of the body.

Expect Slight Temperature Variances

This is not to say that the temperature of the saline or silicone gel will not change; the temperature can change, it just occurs very slowly. While silicone gel will not freeze, it does have a high water content. Just like the saline, the temperature of the silicone gel can slightly increase or decrease due to its surrounding temperatures.

Temperature Changes of Saline Breast Implants Mimic the Changes within the Human Body

Because the human body consists largely of salt water, a saline breast implant heats and cools in a way that is very similar to the body itself.

Placement Affects the Temperature Differences in a Breast Implant

When breast implants are placed close to the surface of the body, their temperature has a tendency to fluctuate based on the surrounding environment.

Breast implants that are placed behind the pectoral muscle are less likely to be affected by changes in surrounding temperatures.

Hot and Cold Temperatures May Affect the Temperature of Your Breast Implant

Women who spend a lot of time at the ice rink, skiing or swimming in a cold pool may notice that their implants feel a bit cooler than their body temperature. The temperature of the silicone gel and saline can also change due to heat. For example, women who spend time in a hot tub or sunbathing may notice that their breast implants seem a bit warmer than their body. These slight temperature variations are nothing to be concerned about.

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