The 8 Stages Of Volumizing Facial Rejuvenation

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The Staged Volumizing Facial Rejuvenation Approach: When we look in the mirror, we need to consider the total look of our faces. The combination of our facial features influences what our eyes see.

Volume Loss: Throughout the natural aging process, our faces lose volume. Volume loss occurs in eight distinct points on the face. This volume loss becomes visible in the shadows created in the areas that are affected.

The Importance of Facial Volume: A woman’s face needs volume to enhance its natural curves whereas, a man’s face looks strong and structured when it has volume.

Points 1 and 2 – The Upper Cheek Areas beneath the Eyes

Volume at this point in the cheek provides structure and gives the face a youthful look through definition.

Assess Your Cheeks

While looking at your face in the mirror, tilt your head down. As you slowly lift up your head, look at the cheek area just beneath your eyes. Do you notice that you have flat areas where you used to have curves?

Point 3 – Tear Troughs

If you notice hollow depressions in these areas beneath the eyes, you may look tired even if you are not.

Assess Your Tear Troughs

While looking in the mirror, tilt your head down the littlest bit. Do you have shadowing under your eyes? Do you notice depressions in the skin around your cheeks? While this could be a common family feature, it may also be due to volume loss in your face.

Point 4 – Nasolabial Folds

You may notice that your Nasolabial folds have static lines. These static lines occur as soft tissue loss occurs in the upper face. The volume and structural support loss causes the remaining soft tissues and skin to sag or drift with gravity, worsening the nasolabial fold static lines. As we age, these static lines will continue to deepen.

Assess Your Nasolabial Folds

Look in the mirror and smile, and then relax. Do you notice that the lines running from your nose to your mouth are still visible? Do these lines resemble folds?

Point 5 – Corners of the Mouth

As we age, the corners of the mouth begin to droop. When you relax your face, this drooping causes your mouth to look as if you are frowning.

Assess the Corners of Your Mouth

When you look in the mirror, do you see hollowing at the corners of your mouth? Pinch the skin in that area. When you do this, does your skin fold? Unfortunately, this volume loss continues throughout the aging process.

Point 6 – Pre-Jowl

The pre-jowl area is located directly next to the chin.

Assess Your Pre-Jowl Areas

To view this pre-jowl area, while looking up at the mirror tilt your head slightly forward.

You can also view your pre-jowl area by looking at your profile. You can view your profile in a recent side photograph where your head is tilted down or you can snap a side photograph using your cell phone. You need to tilt your head slightly forward as you snap the cell phone picture as well.

Point 7 – The Jaw Line

Aging alters the curve that runs from the chin to the back of the jaw. During the aging process, we gradually lose soft tissue and bone structure. This loss of soft tissue and bone leads to less definition along the jawline.

Assess Your Jaw Line

Again, while looking in the mirror, tilt your head forward and look for changes along the jawline. Is your jaw line lacking smooth definition?

Point 8 – The Center of Your Cheeks

As gravity affects the face, volume is lost and the cheeks begin flattening.

Assess the Center of Your Cheeks

While looking in a mirror, turn your head at a 45-degree angle. Do your cheeks look hollow?

If you notice that any of these areas on your face look as if they have lost volume, remember that each of these areas influence the total look of your face.

Treatment Options

Soft tissue facial fillers are ideal for improving, revitalizing and restoring structure to these eight points on the face.

If you notice signs of aging at any of these points on your face, contact Dr. Tal Roudner today. Dr. Roudner can use facial fillers to add natural looking volume to the areas of your face that need attention. During your initial consultation, Dr. Roudner can assess the effects that the aging process has had on your facial volume and discuss the revolutionary 8-Point Treatment Approach using facial fillers.

If you are interested in learning more about a breast augmentation or any other cosmetic procedure, contact Dr. Tal Roudner’s Miami office today by calling 305-443-3531. We look forward to meeting you.
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