4 Reasons To Consider Breast Augmentation Surgery

Published on September 19, 2014 by

If you are unhappy with the way your breasts look, you may want to consider a visit to the plastic surgeon. There are several ways that Dr. Tal Roudner, a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, can assist you in obtaining the breasts that you desire. One of the most popular breast enhancement surgeries is breast augmentation. So how do you know if it’s right for you?

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1: Small Breasts

Many times, women who have smaller breasts want a larger sized cup. A larger breast size tends to increase a woman’s confidence level.


Women who are interested in larger breasts will probably need Dr. Roudner to perform breast implant surgery. Although there are alternatives to implants, the majority are either controversial (fat transfer) or ineffective (enlarging the pectoralis muscles and suction).

Breast implant surgery is generally permanent solution to small breast size. Women can breast-feed, perform self-examinations and have mammograms even after a breast implant procedure is performed.

2: Sagging Breasts

A number of things can cause the breasts to sag. These causes range from hormonal fluctuations related to childbirth/breastfeeding and the effects of gravity on the body (related to the aging process).


Although women who have drooping breasts can use a push-up bra to keep them in an appealing position, another alternative is surgical intervention by undergoing a breast lift with breast implants.

There is no doubt that a breast lift with implants is the best method to use for the correction of sagging breasts. A breast lift can be performed with or without the addition of breast implants. However, if a woman wants greater fullness in her breasts, breast implants are essential.


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3: Uneven Breasts

Women who have asymmetrical or uneven breasts have difficulty finding a comfortable bra. They may even be struggling with self-confidence because they want their breasts to be the same size.


There is more than one way to adjust asymmetrical breasts. What Dr. Roudner does to correct the problem will depend on what is causing the breasts to be mismatched. Each cause has its own solution.

If one breast tends to droop more than the other one does (ptosis), a dermal mastopexy or breast lift can raise the breast so the breasts are symmetrical.

Women interested in a non-invasive solution may want to consider purchasing bra inserts. These bra inserts are generally filled with water, silicone or natural oils. By using just one, a woman with ptosis can have the more natural looking symmetry she desires.

If the smaller of the two breasts developed abnormally or considered a tuberous breast, reconstruction with a breast implant is necessary.

Nevertheless, if there is adequate breast tissue and one breast is just larger than its normally shaped counterpart is, Dr. Roudner can surgically reduce the larger breast to match the smaller breast size.

4: Extra-Large Breasts

Extra-large breasts can also be problematic. Many women with large breasts suffer with back problems and pain because of the weight of their breasts.


The solution to this problem depends on how small a woman wants her breast size to be and where the tissue and fat need to be removed from. Another issue Dr. Roudner considers is the shape of the breasts themselves.

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