3 Surgeries To Consider After Dramatic Weight Loss

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While weight loss procedures can effectively make a person thinner, the excess skin that results remains to be a bothersome side effect. Even individuals who lose a substantial amount of weight without surgical intervention can experience droopy skin. Skin seems loose following extreme weight-loss because it does not have an adequate amount of time to readjust to the rapid changes occurring within the body. For info call our Miami office at 305-767-7719!

Problems associated with excess skin

This leftover skin causes patients to experience chafing, pain and decreased self-confidence. Dr. Tal Roudner offers several procedures that address this problem.

Extreme Weight-loss can lead to drooping skin – These 3 surgeries can help:

1. A Breast Lift

3 Surgeries To Consider After Dramatic Weight Loss

3 Surgeries To Consider After Dramatic Weight Loss

During a Breast Lift procedure, Dr. Roudner removes the excess skin and then tightens the tissue surrounding the area. He reshapes the area to support the contour of the new breast. If the areola is enlarged, this issue can be addressed as well. A breast lift rejuvenates a patient’s figure with a profile that is uplifted and more youthful looking.

2. A Breast Augmentation

Following significant weight loss, the breast may have a deflated or elongated appearance. When a breast lift is performed, the position of the nipple itself is key in the reshaping of the breast; however, when an individual has lost a substantial amount of weight, the skin of the breast is too large for the breast volume that remains.

For a Breast Augmentation to offer the patient the best results possible, the implant needs to fit the breast perfectly. Otherwise, the tissue and skin of the breast could move unnaturally over the breast implant.

If the implant necessary to fit the breast volume is larger than the size a patient wants, a variation of a breast lift may be necessary. This variation will allow a patient to have the smaller breast implant that is desired.

3. A Tummy Tuck

Tummy Tuck surgery is used after extreme weight loss to remove the loose skin and tighten the muscles within the abdominal wall. Another benefit of a tummy tuck is that stretch marks located on the lower abdomen may be removed along with the excess skin.

If you live in or near Miami and have excess skin that you would like removed or you are interested in any other kind of plastic surgery, contact Dr. Roudner’s office today. Let Dr. Roudner assist you by removing any excess skin so you can enjoy your new, thinner body.


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