Fact or Fiction? 3 Rumors About Breast Implants Addressed

Fact or Fiction? 3 Rumors About Breast Implants Addressed
August 20th, 2014 by Tal Roudner

Because everyone has an opinion when it comes to breast augmentation surgery there are some fabricated drawbacks which are often accepted as fact. That is what makes this cosmetic procedure so controversial.

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Below are three of the most common rumored drawbacks, find out which are facts and which are fiction:

1. You will not be Able to Wear a Bra with an Underwire After Your Breast Implant Procedure


Underwire bras push breast implants up, which is why patients should avoid wearing one for the 3 weeks following their breast implant surgery. However, after the initial three weeks, there are no restrictions on wearing an underwire bra.

2. If an Individual Gets Pregnant After Receiving Breast Implants, The Implants will be Ruined


Although pregnancy and breastfeeding will cause the size of the breasts to fluctuate, an implant’s integrity will not be compromised. However, the size variation in the breast tissue can cause the breasts to sag.

3. Breast Implants May Cause Stretch Marks


Stretch marks can develop whenever the skin is stretched. When a patient’s implants are put into place, the skin on the breast is forced to expand. Nonetheless, very few patients develop stretch marks following their implant procedures. Pre existing stretch marks may appear more noticeable after breast surgery but usually revert back to the presurgical state after 6 months.


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Hopefully, knowing which potential drawbacks are fact and which are fiction will help you decide whether you want to consult with a specialist about a breast augmentation procedure.

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